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Air-Operated Filter

  • AP10
    Corner Box Filter
    Corner shape with filter media
    Inner:         Outer:     80
  • AP54
    Modular UG Filter 16pcs
    Size: 560x280
    Inner:         Outer:     24
  • AP56
    Modular UG Filter 32pcs
    Size: 1120x280
    Inner:         Outer:     12
  • AP71
    S. Bio Sponge Filter XY-2810
    Inner:         Outer:     80
  • AP72
    M. Bio Sponge Filter XY-2811
    Inner:         Outer:     60
  • AP73
    L. Bio Sponge Filter XY-2813
    Inner:         Outer:     45
  • AP74
    L- Shape Bio Sponge Filter XY-2830
    Stick on sponge filter
    Inner:         Outer:     120
  • AP75
    U- Shape Bio Sponge Filter XY-001
    Stick on sponge filter
    Inner:         Outer:     56
  • AP76
    Double Side Bio Sponge Filter XY-002
    Stick on sponge filter
    Inner:         Outer:     40

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